1. Triple Threat


You know what time it is
Lets get it
Another tomb stone in my graveyard
Young nigga catching bodies like a point guard
Drive like a stuntman Call OnStar
Cause she blowing on the whistle like porn star
Leave her nose white, like a lifeguard
Then i dive in at the fucking park
Straight back shots from the hashmark
Don't need no keys you can keep your heart
Cause my hands finesse like a black art
Giver her that 1 2, auto start
Don't need love or no intervention
Got a big bank and a big erection
Got her dickmatized now she quad texting
Do what the fuck I want i'm a deadly weapon
Pulling up if you taking reckless
Love a glass of war before I say my blessings
I always double tap you know your boy relentless
Got a ice box so i'm never stressing
Go blow for blow cause I love aggression
Cut all ties this my resurrection
I can be a curse or I can be a blessing
I can be an angel I can be a felon
Ready aim bang only takes a second
To have an out of body like a re-possession
I ain't bullshitting this a declaration
Nigga I been hot
You still incubation and getting ass fucked sodomization
Ugly motherfucker like abomination
Flow guillotine, no assassinations
For these pussy niggas cause they stay hating
Want the world to see when i'm decapitating bitch
1, 2, 3
Triple Threat
Triple Threat
Yeah its a triple threat
Every time a nigga talk I place a check
(Place That Bag)
Now I got my shooters aiming at your neck
(At his throat)
Think twice before you try and disrespect
(No joke)
That's on everything I put that on the set
(On the Gang)
Yeah, and im dripping wet
Call my jeweler she said she gon get me fresh
Pay securus just so I can call collect
(Free the gang)
Ain't no student bitch i'm not the one to test
Trap logo jerry west
I just popped 2 shots yeah that's Klay and Steph
Told my brother put me on I need a check
(I need that check yeah, I need that check)
1, 2